Jessica Salans on The Issues

A Megaphone for the Diverse Voices of CD13…

The Salans Campaign will restore power to The People by reorienting political focus to Their Needs over the needs of special interests and their special interest dollars. By soliciting feedback from all sides and carefully crafting policy, namely, by building a team of researchers and outreach staffers, the RESIDENTS of CD13 will be put back into the spotlight.

Social Justice

The housing crisis in Los Angeles has become a state of emergency that is affecting our citizens across all class levels. The Jessica Salans Team will work to overcome these issues with an unparalleled sense of urgency by:

  •  Working within a framework that caters to our mixed-income community, providing up to 40% affordable housing in each property, employing local workers, and mandating that developers deliver on all of these provisions
  • Eradicating homelessness with a three-tiered Housing First Initiative that will reduce the cost to taxpayers by 500%
  • Overturning laws like the Costa-Hawkins Act and the Ellis Act which are causing rents to skyrocket an
    d gentrification to spread throughout all of our great cities by working in coalition with other city council members
  • Opposing any measure that prohibits any general plan amendments needed to actualize promises of Proposition HHH and adequately address the lack of housing -> Measure S.
  • Overturning Ordinances 85.02 and 56.11, which are designed to criminalize our homeless citizenry


  1. We will fight gentrification
  2.  We must serve our mixed-income, multi-cultural community
  3. Work in coalition with our city council members to to protect Los Angeles’ citizens from very specific, damaging provisions of Costa-Hawkins Act (1995) and Ellis Act (1985) by overturning them and protecting access to stable, affordable housing
  4. NO on Measure S (Neighborhood Integrity Initiative) because it would repeal necessary requirements of developers such as preserving affordable housing in mixed-income housing, creating local union and transitional
    jobs, and ethical general plan amendments. NII would place a moratorium on any properties seeking a general plan amendment that are not 100% deed-restricted affordable housing. This particular provision would directly affect the full implementation and allocation of the $1.2 billion dollars in bonds for Proposition HHH that are designed to provide affordable housing.
  5. We will eradicate homelessness with a Housing First Initiative by eliminating barriers to housing upfront to encourage healthier lifestyles for the chronically homeless.
  6. Housing is not a privilege, It is a right and a basic need. Our campaign will work tirelessly to ensure this need is met.
  7.  The Housing First model will significantly reduce costs to our district and city as a whole.
  8.  Housing First will have a three-tiered approach: Crisis Intervention, Emergency Services, screening and needs assessment; Permanent Housing Services; and Case Management Services
  9.  We will overturn Ordinances 85.02 and 56.11 that serve to criminalize the homeless population by banning them from sleeping in cars or RVs in residential areas, and setting limits on the amount and types of personal belongings an individual may store in a public space.


Racial Justice


We have the most racially diverse district in the city and as such, our policy is crafted to protect this legacy AND protect our most vulnerable community members by:

  • Partnering with community organizations including Unión del Barrio, The Armenian Society of Los Angeles, Filipino American Services Group, Asian Americans Advancing Justice, and Black Lives Matter
    to empower the racial minorities within our district
  • Becoming an official Sanctuary City, passing comprehensive immigration reform, and actively supporting the Legal Defense Fund
  • Developing a Police and Citizens coalition to proactively create stronger relationships between the L.A.P.D. and the communities they serve
  • Overhauling Police training and development programs with a focus on de-escalation techniques intended to eliminate unnecessary violence 5. Utilizing Crisis Intervention Training and a mental-health first-responder dispatch to better serve our neurodivergent citizens


  1. District 13 is the most racially diverse district in the city
  2. 80% of the citizens in our district are racial minorities and our campaign WILL EMPOWER THOSE CITIZENS
  3. We will do so by partnering with community programs and organizations such as: Union del Barrio, The Armenian Society of Los Angeles, Filipino American Services Group, Asian Americans Advancing Justice, and Black Lives Matter
  4.  Sanctuary City Protection: We have more than 1.1 million undocumented immigrants that are currently contributing $57 billion to the Los Angeles GDP, which makes them one of the largest economic driving forces to the California GDP
  5. We help cement the Los Angeles Legal Defense Fund and help further its reach to protect undocumented immigrants that are facing deportation.
  6. We will change our status and become an Official Sanctuary City by creating policy resolution that distinctly forbids:
    • Local officials from investigating immigration status during the dispensation of city-level benefits
    • Law enforcement officials from inquiring into immigration status and/or cooperation with ICE.
    • We will work to finally pass comprehensive immigration reform
  1. We will develop a Police and Citizens Coalition to proactively create stronger relationships between the Los Angeles Police Department and the communities they serve. We must work to reduce the lives lost at the hands of our Law Enforcement, while also working to reduce the amount of police lives lost in the line of duty. We will accomplish this by:
    • Investing in a robust, training and development program that will encourage our officers to engage in de-escalation strategies.
    • Building out a mental-health first responders program that is separate of 911 emergency calls to ensure that our neurodivergent citizens are treated with the utmost care and not unlawfully criminalized.
    • Implement Crisis Intervention Training Programs

Economic Justice

The Salans Team will remain committed to the cornerstones of economic success, thriving local enterprise, education, and a healthy, well-looked-after citizenry, by:

  • Employing a small business liaison to expedite openings and combat exorbitant rent increases that cripple owners
  • Rebuilding our vocational resources and offering tuition-free higher education opportunities (like those in San Joaquin Valley), ensuring that our citizens are employable in the highly technological workforce of the future
  •  Drafting universal healthcare legislation that keeps the productive members of our community healthy, while saving the city a significant amount in costs – *Studies show that the state of California would save $8 billion dollars in the first year that universal healthcare is unrolled
  •  Ensuring City Council’s commitment to a $15/hour minimum wage by 2020 (and potentially expediting this timeframe) 5. Implementing a Universal Basic Income (UBI) pilot program to test the feasibility of UBI in Los Angeles, establishing LA as a vanguard in progressive social development – *Experiments are currently being run in Oakland, as well as in Finland, India, and Canada, to name a few


  1. We will ensure that small businesses are given a chance to thrive by combatting exorbitant rent increases that are crippling small business owners
  2. Our campaign and council office will have a staffer/aide that works as a small business liaison to expedite the process for small businesses to get them up and running.
  3. We will be a leader in reforming our education system
  4. 50% of our citizens in District 13 have a high school diploma or less. We must properly arm them with vocational and higher educational training that will make them employable for the highly technological, dynamic workforce of the future.
  5. We will work to emulate plans like that of San Jaoquin Valley that offer tuition-free higher education
  6. We will no longer allow productive, hard-working members of our communities to go uninsured, and we will achieve this by pushing forward a Universal Healthcare Initiative like that of San Francisco that operates on a ability-to-pay basis. **This will be afforded by enrollment fees and local business contributions.
  7. Studies have shown that in a single-payer healthcare system, we would save $8 billion dollars the first year alone in the state of California.

Environmental Justice

Global Climate Change is one of the biggest threats to humanity, and the Salans campaign will treat it as such. Discourse and recognition of the problem will no longer suffice. We must address global climate change with urgency; and this will come by virtue of changing the energy infrastructure of Los Angeles County. 

Global climate change and outdated transportation infrastructure are imminent threats to the quality of life for Los Angeles’ citizens, and we will immediately address them by:

  •  Utilizing a plan tailor-made for California by The Solutions Project that would propel the city of Los Angeles to clean, renewable energy by 2050.
  •  Creating 500,000 new jobs with Solar PV Plants, CSP Plants, Commercial/Governmental Rooftop PV, and Hydroelectric energy
  •  Resourceful Planning: Diverting 75% of waste from landfills and creating 6,000 new collection and processing jobs, as well as 17,000 new manufacturing jobs throughout the region.
  • Addressing the drought with creative solutions such as Water Recycling, Cistern use, Xeriscaping, and potentially Desalinization.
  •  Establishing ourselves as a leader in urban transportation by utilizing Measure M’s provisions to build our city’s transportation infrastructure to reduce congestion, expand railways and rapid systems, repave local streets, repair potholes, synchronize traffic signals, enhance bike and pedestrian connections, make our transportation more affordable and more accessible for senior citizens, students, and the disabled; retrofit bridges for earthquakes, create jobs, reduce pollution, generate local economic benefits, and ensure these steps are held to the highest level of ethics through accountability and transparency via the independent Taxpayer Oversight Committee.


  1. Global Climate change is one of the biggest and most imminent threats to the existence of humanity so as a campaign we will treat it as such.
  2. Discourse and recognition of the problem with no longer suffice.
  3. We must change the energy infrastructure of Los Angeles County
  4. We will utilize the framework designed by The Solutions Project to propel the city of Los Angeles to clean, renewable energy by 2050.
  5. We will create nearly 500,000 new energy jobs in the state of California by creating Solar PV Plants, CSP Plants, Commercial/ Governmental Rooftop PV, and Hydroelectric energy.
  6. Reach the state-mandated goal of 75% diversion of waste from landfills by 2020.
  7. Create 6,000 new collection and processing jobs
  8. 17, 000 new manufacturing jobs and thousands of new re-use and re-manufacturing openings
  9. Proactively address the drought with Water Recycling, Cistern Use, Xeriscaping, and potentially Desalinization (this one has risks though).
  10. Work to build a city that encourages and supports a pedestrian approach to navigating the city.
  11. We will ensure that our transportation and infrastructural improvements address the needs of all the boroughs of district 13 including:
    • Easing traffic congestion
    • Expanding railways and rapid systems
    • Repaving local streets
    • Repairing POTHOLES (in a timely manner)
    • Synchronizing traffic signals
    • Enhancing bike and pedestrian connections
    • Making our transportation more affordable and more accessible for senior citizens, students, and the disabled; earthquake retrofit bridges, create jobs, reduce pollution, generate local economic benefits
  12.  We will ensure that the independent, Taxpayer Oversight Committee is held to the highest level of ethics through accountability and transparency.
  13. Our city must become a leader in providing transportation infrastructure that supports and enhances the lives of all Los Angeles citizens.