Jessica Salans: People Over Profits

Jessica Salans

Jessica is an activist, organizer and storyteller, originally from the Bay Area. She felt a strong call-to-action after volunteering for Bernie Sanders’ insurgent campaign in 2016.


Jessica grew up in a progressive household, raised by a mother who is a holistic healer and a father who started a community garden and local farm. Immersed in theater arts since elementary school, Jessica carries a deep love for art and storytelling of all mediums. After briefly attending University of Miami’s BFA Theatre conservatory, she finished a degree in theater at San Jose State, co-founding SPOTLITE Stage Company (Student Productions Operating To Learn & Integrate Theatre Education) and finding/exercising her love of directing and producing plays. Upon moving to Los Angeles, Jessica immersed herself in the world of LA Theater, becoming a writer and social media manager with Stage Raw, and participating in the Hollywood Fringe Festival.


In 2016, Jessica joined the leadership team, Glendale 4 Bernie, where she trained volunteers on Bernie’s platform, and became an integral part of campaign efforts in the region; ┬átraining groups and canvassing throughout Las Vegas, Tucson and LA for the Sanders campaign.

Jessica also became involved with Food and Water Watch and Save Porter Ranch’s efforts to bring about the permanent shut down of Alison Canyon, where last year, a gas blowout became the largest release of methane in US history, harming and displacing thousands of residents.

Jessica Salans WILL restore power to The People by reorienting political focus to Their Needs over the needs of special interests and their special interest dollars. By soliciting feedback from all sides and carefully crafting policy, namely, by building a team of researchers and outreach staffers, the RESIDENTS of CD13 will be put back into the spotlight. She is forward-thinking, eloquent, and bold with a deep desire to listen and engage in discourse; she has a keen ability to build and manage a team of experts — all skills that she honed during her progressive upbringing, her start-up work, and ultimately providing leadership, locally, for Bernie Sanders’ insurgent campaign.

“There are incredible organizers in Los Angeles. Now we need representatives on City Council who will not only listen to their work but encourage their voices and be a megaphone for their efforts.”

Campaign Message

We are a grassroots, people powered campaign. We are here to serve the Four Pillars of Justice- Social, Racial, Economic and Environmental Justices, while showing up and standing with the residents of District 13.

It is time our elected officials become public servants that actually represent and encourage the voices of The People, over the profits of big business.

We hope you will learn more and join us in our endeavors to be campaign of, by and for The People.

In solidarity.